Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bought sandwiches and was walking home. Wind blew and it was strong! Dust all around, it was exciting and scary at the same time. Never got trapped like that before. Not really trapped but stayed put in a spot with a house shielding me. And saw the road, visibility was nil! Was worried what if dust causes allergy, but it was nothing. Hurray for nose hair!

So walked to my new favorite spot, looked at the moon, the stars, the sky, it feels so good.

And then wind again ^_^

That experience was nice, to be surrounded by dust, to be scared but it was totally safe, no harm at all. Just dust in the air.

Like a little excitement ^_^

Eye got irritated, so yeah, that was the only thing bad about it. I'm looking at the dust all over, and I'm wondering, how did it get pulverized like that? Like if you had a solid piece of earth and ground it until it's powder. I'm thinking, if I were a kid and I would play with this, it would be perfect for making shapes and vases, like how I played with water and the soil as a child. That was fun, adding water and then scooping up the soil, forming it to something, and then playing store with leaves as money, and then they would dry, it's solid and you feel great because you've made a lot of wares, and then all the good soil, you've used, you dig further in the ground and the soil isn't that great, there's small rocks and pebbles and the consistency doesn't make it nice for making things, and you run out of good soil, and then you look at the soil here, it's powder! Wish I was young again.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saw an ad at the ATM.

Thought, oh, clever. Traffic is high, placement was prominent, it's so unexpected, or at least that's the first time I saw it there. It was taped ^_^

Don't know where it is. For clothes...

I wonder why it's on sale.

Lulu's sale, some are compelling. They have that Al Falaj plastic bucket that I want, bundled with the biggest bucket that can hold water, only for 2 rials! So it's like that big bucket is free. But then I have to carry it from Lulu to here, that would be a problem...

They also have 16GB thumb drive for 3 rials. There have been plenty of promos like this one, some went for 2.900... at least, it's back. Seems like the new norm.

I also like that extension cord with 5 sockets. Only 2 Rials!!! I can't believe I paid more than that when I needed it.

Why is it that when you need it, it's not on sale. But when you already have one, and you see it's so cheap, you want one! What will I use it for? As a spare?

And a bottle of lotion, buy 1 get 1!!! For 1 rial!!! It's awesome.

Until September 14 only.

You go inside the grocery, you know what you want, you search for it, but you can't find it. You find the same product but it's not on sale, so you find the one that's bundled as a sale...

So it's true, Lulu does have some of the best prices. When they are on sale...

Clothes dryer!! For 3 rials only!!! I bought one 5!!! Imagine what I could have saved!!!!

Their prices, they really want to make you shop!

And shoes for 2 rials!! If you don't mind rock bottom prices and rock bottom quality...

It's not rock bottom!! It's Lulu!!

Gosh makes me want to go now or else if I go later, all the good stuff will be gone and the shoppers have brought everything to disarray...

Kinda also like that freezer pack, could be handy when it's hot. But it's 4 pieces. I only need 1...

And they have shorts! 2 rials!! Hmm the price isn't that good...

Noticed the shirts with buttons are more expensive... long sleeves, polos, semi-formal clothes... back home, no one payed too much attention to those, the young teens demanded t-shirts, and the price is reversed, T-shirts are more expensive than the polo shirts.

These products are pretty good, from India.

Hmmm set aside a budget to shop, spend, splurge, enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So I want to sing!

Problem is, lyrics.

I want the lyrics open as fast as the song plays.

Do I move it in the same folder?


Too much moving around.

Do I just memorize it.

That's the best.

So, memorize!!!

Practice practice practice!!!

Solution: Open the lyrics first, and then play the song!!!

That's OK!!!


Now need to sing in my best singing voice!!! PRACTICEEEEEEE!!!

Like so much room for improvement!

My sing, awful!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Key Lime Pie

So maybe the next Android will be to not make it look like Apple. What an update. Instead of adding improvements, it's just to make it less likely that Apple will sue it.

Well, so I think Google saw that if they released the Droid RAZR HD EDGE or whatever the name of the full screen phone is, Apple is going to sue them, so Google went to Apple to talk and agree that they won't be sued...

I wonder what Key Lime Pie will look like. Google is probably scrambling to release it as soon as possible, because they want to not look like copying the iPhone as soon as possible. So when? 2013???

 Key Lime Pie... like Knot Like aPple Pie

Microsoft went with big squares. So... Key Lime pie... triangles or circles lol

Is that even the name? Key Lime Pie?

What other names are K




Well, Key Lime Pie was made before Apple won. So Google will release Key Lime Pie and they're actually scrambling to finish the one after that. So the next letter is J. Jamba Juice?

Oh wait it's L. lol




OMG!!!! It's lol! Android Lollipop

It's for kids! It's youthful! It's sexy! It's not like the other codenames like Eclair or Ice Cream Sandwich or the other classy names. This one is pure sex!

Licorice... ugh I don't like licorice

Android Licorice... let's not be like Apple...

Of course you don't want to call it a Lemon. Android Lemon lol

Can't wait for Android Lollipop