Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bought sandwiches and was walking home. Wind blew and it was strong! Dust all around, it was exciting and scary at the same time. Never got trapped like that before. Not really trapped but stayed put in a spot with a house shielding me. And saw the road, visibility was nil! Was worried what if dust causes allergy, but it was nothing. Hurray for nose hair!

So walked to my new favorite spot, looked at the moon, the stars, the sky, it feels so good.

And then wind again ^_^

That experience was nice, to be surrounded by dust, to be scared but it was totally safe, no harm at all. Just dust in the air.

Like a little excitement ^_^

Eye got irritated, so yeah, that was the only thing bad about it. I'm looking at the dust all over, and I'm wondering, how did it get pulverized like that? Like if you had a solid piece of earth and ground it until it's powder. I'm thinking, if I were a kid and I would play with this, it would be perfect for making shapes and vases, like how I played with water and the soil as a child. That was fun, adding water and then scooping up the soil, forming it to something, and then playing store with leaves as money, and then they would dry, it's solid and you feel great because you've made a lot of wares, and then all the good soil, you've used, you dig further in the ground and the soil isn't that great, there's small rocks and pebbles and the consistency doesn't make it nice for making things, and you run out of good soil, and then you look at the soil here, it's powder! Wish I was young again.

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