Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bought sandwiches and was walking home. Wind blew and it was strong! Dust all around, it was exciting and scary at the same time. Never got trapped like that before. Not really trapped but stayed put in a spot with a house shielding me. And saw the road, visibility was nil! Was worried what if dust causes allergy, but it was nothing. Hurray for nose hair!

So walked to my new favorite spot, looked at the moon, the stars, the sky, it feels so good.

And then wind again ^_^

That experience was nice, to be surrounded by dust, to be scared but it was totally safe, no harm at all. Just dust in the air.

Like a little excitement ^_^

Eye got irritated, so yeah, that was the only thing bad about it. I'm looking at the dust all over, and I'm wondering, how did it get pulverized like that? Like if you had a solid piece of earth and ground it until it's powder. I'm thinking, if I were a kid and I would play with this, it would be perfect for making shapes and vases, like how I played with water and the soil as a child. That was fun, adding water and then scooping up the soil, forming it to something, and then playing store with leaves as money, and then they would dry, it's solid and you feel great because you've made a lot of wares, and then all the good soil, you've used, you dig further in the ground and the soil isn't that great, there's small rocks and pebbles and the consistency doesn't make it nice for making things, and you run out of good soil, and then you look at the soil here, it's powder! Wish I was young again.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saw an ad at the ATM.

Thought, oh, clever. Traffic is high, placement was prominent, it's so unexpected, or at least that's the first time I saw it there. It was taped ^_^

Don't know where it is. For clothes...

I wonder why it's on sale.

Lulu's sale, some are compelling. They have that Al Falaj plastic bucket that I want, bundled with the biggest bucket that can hold water, only for 2 rials! So it's like that big bucket is free. But then I have to carry it from Lulu to here, that would be a problem...

They also have 16GB thumb drive for 3 rials. There have been plenty of promos like this one, some went for 2.900... at least, it's back. Seems like the new norm.

I also like that extension cord with 5 sockets. Only 2 Rials!!! I can't believe I paid more than that when I needed it.

Why is it that when you need it, it's not on sale. But when you already have one, and you see it's so cheap, you want one! What will I use it for? As a spare?

And a bottle of lotion, buy 1 get 1!!! For 1 rial!!! It's awesome.

Until September 14 only.

You go inside the grocery, you know what you want, you search for it, but you can't find it. You find the same product but it's not on sale, so you find the one that's bundled as a sale...

So it's true, Lulu does have some of the best prices. When they are on sale...

Clothes dryer!! For 3 rials only!!! I bought one 5!!! Imagine what I could have saved!!!!

Their prices, they really want to make you shop!

And shoes for 2 rials!! If you don't mind rock bottom prices and rock bottom quality...

It's not rock bottom!! It's Lulu!!

Gosh makes me want to go now or else if I go later, all the good stuff will be gone and the shoppers have brought everything to disarray...

Kinda also like that freezer pack, could be handy when it's hot. But it's 4 pieces. I only need 1...

And they have shorts! 2 rials!! Hmm the price isn't that good...

Noticed the shirts with buttons are more expensive... long sleeves, polos, semi-formal clothes... back home, no one payed too much attention to those, the young teens demanded t-shirts, and the price is reversed, T-shirts are more expensive than the polo shirts.

These products are pretty good, from India.

Hmmm set aside a budget to shop, spend, splurge, enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So I want to sing!

Problem is, lyrics.

I want the lyrics open as fast as the song plays.

Do I move it in the same folder?


Too much moving around.

Do I just memorize it.

That's the best.

So, memorize!!!

Practice practice practice!!!

Solution: Open the lyrics first, and then play the song!!!

That's OK!!!


Now need to sing in my best singing voice!!! PRACTICEEEEEEE!!!

Like so much room for improvement!

My sing, awful!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Key Lime Pie

So maybe the next Android will be to not make it look like Apple. What an update. Instead of adding improvements, it's just to make it less likely that Apple will sue it.

Well, so I think Google saw that if they released the Droid RAZR HD EDGE or whatever the name of the full screen phone is, Apple is going to sue them, so Google went to Apple to talk and agree that they won't be sued...

I wonder what Key Lime Pie will look like. Google is probably scrambling to release it as soon as possible, because they want to not look like copying the iPhone as soon as possible. So when? 2013???

 Key Lime Pie... like Knot Like aPple Pie

Microsoft went with big squares. So... Key Lime pie... triangles or circles lol

Is that even the name? Key Lime Pie?

What other names are K




Well, Key Lime Pie was made before Apple won. So Google will release Key Lime Pie and they're actually scrambling to finish the one after that. So the next letter is J. Jamba Juice?

Oh wait it's L. lol




OMG!!!! It's lol! Android Lollipop

It's for kids! It's youthful! It's sexy! It's not like the other codenames like Eclair or Ice Cream Sandwich or the other classy names. This one is pure sex!

Licorice... ugh I don't like licorice

Android Licorice... let's not be like Apple...

Of course you don't want to call it a Lemon. Android Lemon lol

Can't wait for Android Lollipop

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why are they announcing everything???!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Sony Hybrid Tablet
Lenovo Windows 8 tablet
Samsung ATIV RT tableyt
Sony XPERIA T, V and J smartphones

I kinda figured out what I feel when I see the flag

It's kinda scary

Because it has weapons and pointy shapes.

Like that bag of chips with a KNIFE

yeah I think I said this before

Back to the phones!!!

So I want 2GB!!!!

But standard is 1GB.

So far, only two have been announced that has 2 GB. these are:
The LG Optimus G
Samsung Galaxy Note II

And if you count tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (phew)

Like they can call it Galaxy Mop 3 69

For cleaning!!!

Hmm found OER, I like it, but it's almost the same ads as theweek

Monday, August 27, 2012

So if overhauled wardrobe, want more jeans that's so wrinkled behind the knee. And want more cotton shirts that's so light, it would dry in an instant.

Clothes, they are aging nicely. Waiting for holes to appear.

Two already holed up so much I regretted them dying. Loved those shirts!

Hmm, Muscat Grand Mall, it doesn't have Max, no Splash, no RedTag, so what does it have? That store in the second floor, but saw the shirts, why are they small, so it's for kids hmm...

Or could just go to shops next to Al Fair. Is it the same? Would it have the same effect?

Equivalent to buying at the flea market.

But these products from India, they're good. You just need to find the good ones.

Not happy with white shoes... Cramped.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wow, and I thought I had precognition.

Who is their Oracle?

I certainly didn't see this variable, Apple winning, blocking Samsung.

So maybe that's why I was being peer-pressured to buy a smartphone.

So now, prices will go up? Because Samsung will pass this on to consumers?

Or it will go down because they just want to get rid of their phones as quickly as possible?

If there is someone who I could learn from, it's this guy, or these guys, or this supercomputer or this artificial intelligence, whoever that is, it's like they can see the future!

I only saw, oh, iPhone 5 is coming, so Google will respond by unleashing Jelly Bean phones. Whew

And Samsung is the only one that looks like an iPhone?

Although I also see this as, so now Android really has to fight, in terms of price, in terms of Android being equal to iOS. So what do they do?

Gosh it sucks! Apple versus Android, Apple wins!

So all those early phones are copycats except S3. Well, I commend Samsung for being quick enough to design and sell in real life the S3.

Hmm, so iPhone 5 really is going to be a blockbuster phone. There's no one else to choose from?!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What flagship will I get? It's like I'm a Chansey and my attack is Bide, and I waited two turns and at the second turn, I pass out lol.

Better buy a phone while I still can.

I fear what if something happens and by the time I buy one, the point will be already lost.

I tend to do that sometimes. Amassed a huge fortune in Granado Espada, and then, poof.

Or I remembered my savings in elementary, one impulsive purchase, bought Mythos cards and then haha lols I bought another. That was insane.

So yeah I learned from mistakes.

Hmm let's look at the flagships. iPhone, don't wanna buy it as the new one's almost here. S3, I don't like it because it's the same price as the laptop I'm eyeing. That HP one with a phone, can I buy it without a phone? Well, I still won't be happy with it, a component I want, it doesn't have.

S3 has 4G? See, I don't even know. I think yeah...

Laptop takes precedence over phone.

But I mean, I have to set a budget. Budget for the camera was 35. So that was good.

So, budget is 50? 50 nets me a 3 inch screen. I mean, three years ago, that was good. OMG hmm maybe a tablet. Or a phablet. But it doesn't fit and it's heavy!

So picky.

So yeah, would you choose an S3 or a tablet that also has the phone capabilities? I don't use calling often. I only text. If someone calls, it would be amusing to see people smiling ^_^

S3 is more expensive but it's smaller. Questionable.

It's like I wanted to buy a pink bedsheet just to annoy.

It's like I want to buy a phone because I need it and not because it's a status symbol.

I've gotta think of the reason why I need a phone.

Would my life be enriched if I had a smartphone?


Like what?

Well, I could take pictures of the schedule like everyone does. But I already get the same effect by photocopying it.

I could watch stocks. But sometimes I need presence of mind while outside. I don't want to be disconnected from my surroundings.

So many excuses.

I could finally bring along my bluetooth stereo headset around. But it's so uncomfortable!

And I feel I want to buy a Moto one since it's from Moto. Sigh, why didn't Razr become such a huge hit.

Hmm yes I still like the Razr. Why do I love it? It's old, but if they had an android razr in a razr form factor, will I buy it? Yeah, for the retro look of 2007. I like the etched keypad. It was so inspired. I've never seen anything like it, when I saw the picture in the Moto website, and it's like a prop in a future setting movie except it was functional. I loved it.

So yeah, Maybe I will get a touchscreen phone and mod the keypad to have a razr keypad ^_^ That would be fun ^_^ It would whet my appetite for a razr ^_^ Yeah, they should make one, and it would shine and reflect as I moved it. There, I have another idea! So the screen shows the keypad, and the camera calculates the surroundings, so that the screen shows as if it's a reflection. Can they do that? Camera only faces forward. Moto, you have to read this!

Hmm, or it tracks your eyes, and makes it shine.

Like a digital version of the keypad.

They need to get a video game maker make the keypad. The current ones are a bore. I want one where when you touch it, it glows, or makes small, fading circles. Maybe they have that already, so that's why I need a touchscreen phone to keep up with the times.

I'm saying this because I just saw Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online, and I like it. I keep dying but the menu is on trend. It's like they got inspired by Windows 8's Metro UI, so I ended up experiencing it first in Ghost Recon instead of the progenitor, Windows lol.

Hmm I also want a background like the PSP's with the moving, flowing bubbles, it's like so relaxing.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hmm so I'm looking at my digital camera and I thought, can I connect this as a webcam like some other cameras?

I researched, and the answer I found was, nope.

It does have HD video capability. Which translates to 1024x1080... I don't know my pixels... and how many frames per second? 60?

The problem with that is, that camera is so slim, it doesn't stand up. That's why I like my old 2 megapixel camera, it's fat enough to stand.

Also, the problem is, you have to switch it off, then remove the memory card, then stick it to the PC, then wait, then open the folder, then copy it, then make sure you eject it correctly s that it doesn't get corrupted, and then insert it back to the camera.

And then do the whole process again if you need more footage.

It's too complex. I mean, that's the way it has been, but I wish I could use it as a web camera, record in HD, so that I don't need to plug and unplug.

It's too late anyway. Before, I had flawless skin, now, it's the surface of the moon.

I love puberty!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So I tasted fish

And instantly, a jolt of lemon!

I've forgotten the taste of lemon for a long time, that when I tasted it, it ignited my senses ^_^

But after a while, the taste was like, umm... too much

But I still ate the fish

So uh may I ask for the person who cooked it, Sister Basma, some help too.

I don't know what she needs.

So a car too to be consistent.

So uh previously, I wasn't eating and everyone left and I was kinda waiting, and I decided, oh, I'll take a break in the cafeteria, maybe because I said leftovers that's why...

So at the cafeteria, I ate two slices of bread. It made me feel full. Before fasting, two slices isn't enough, but now, if I eat a little, I can be ok and not feel hungry.

Like all the blood is rushing to the stomach to digest it and less blood stays in the brain.

So that's why I felt weak, because all of my blood is in the stomach.

So later on, I ate the food too. And watermelon!

It was a treat, I liked it.

When I went home, I brought dates and laban. So I look forward to eating it later ^_^

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So it's still the same outside. When I see the mountains, the feeling I get is, I don't see this everyday. I still look at them and they still fascinate me.

I want to glide over them, see what's beyond the ridges... maybe more rocks

I want to see what's hidden.

So the other day, I was thinking, why were there a lot of people at the ATM...

And then, I realized, payday

They came in groups

So I was nodding my head, saying hello, whispers


I'm missing out on this season's happenings... I'm just staying at home. I read there was sales or shopping...

I doubt it, but I want to see if it's true...

The online magazines don't mention anything...

Oh, the grocery, on the first few days, I came at night, I thought there will be hot food, but it was empty. So I just bought carrots and bananas.

I don't know what I'll eat tonight.

So I was doing it wrong... I didn't know it was important to eat the first meal and the last meal, because it was the instructions.

So today, I woke up at 5:30, too late.

Ok I gotta soak my clothes in bleached water...


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hmm with that kind of money, I could get a higher degree. It's insanee!!!!!

So anyway, I applied for a card. What the heck will I do with it. Maybe I'll just get a certificate. Plans have changed and as such, it's no longer needed. Why didn't I see this earlier. Their baiting tactics was so good.

There's nothing exciting right now. I'm hunting for fascinating things, and while I did find some, it's all in the past. I've already seen them, I've already played them and it's over and done. The search for the next novelty is happening again. The last time, it did take a while until I found the latest. Now, I'm getting nothing. Like no signal of where it's going to come from. I'm basically clueless.

All searches have turned out into dead ends. It's kinda weird. I'm usually spot on when knowing what's hip and happening.

I guess there's just too much negative global sentiment. Could that really be the case? Or I'm just not tuning more closely?

I mean if the world was progressing and prospering then exciting things sprout left and right. Now, it's just more of the same. Same phone, same internet, same computers.

I wonder what it will be, there has to be one...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So how was it in my previous work, compared to now...

I had to come early, I have to be not late, or else, I would have to explain to the Charge nurse, and then the supervisor will know, so I also have to talk to her, and then I would look bad to the Chief nurse, I don't want to look bad, it's like she vouched for me so I won't fail her... plus, pay slip would be reduced because of lates...

So I arrive 30 minutes before the time, because I still had to do chart rounds, I have to make sure that the written orders are carried out correctly, and then I have to check the medicine, if it was properly marked, if not, then I still have time to make the previous nurse sign it because I arrived early...

Coming early also has an advantage in case I get pulled out to Neuro ward... omg I was a machine there...

Anyway, and then I had to make the diet sheet, check on the patients, see if they're complete, check if they took a bath, check the medicine if they bought it already, if not, I have to remind the watchers, and make a new prescription...

Working in the Psych ward was less work compared to Med Surg... they're like, super people there... how can they juggle all of that? I mean you have to take the nasogastric tube feeding out of the fridge to bring it to room temperature, and then prepare it just on time, and then feed all of them which takes quite a while, and then you have to fend off relatives asking for stuff...

So anyway, back at the Psych Ward... so I have to call Med students for the morning exercise... some groups, they come on their own, some groups are forgetful...

And then problems arise... no money for medicine, so you call the doctor if they have free samples, phone just ringing, if lucky, then they answer, sometimes yes, sometimes, nope they don't have medicine...

OMG when I was night shift, I think I made them mad because I called early morning, like 3am, because the patient was awake and I had to tell them... and then I said, oh the patient was awake since 1 am... and they're like, why didn't you call when it was 1am... omg so forgiveness

So anyway, admission comes, at any time, you don't know what they'll be, easy ones are the patients who are already subdued... harder ones are kinda technical... they got a bad experience in the ER, and when they get to you, they're upset, and they see the Psych ward, which was kinda imposing with the metal bars, they don't like it, and they want to go home, so you try your best to convince them to stay, because the doctors like new patients, the students need patients, the hospital needs income, you don't want to be pulled out to a different area, plus you see this patient, they can't go home, they'll hurt themselves or others...

So admission, you get their baseline weight, because some medicine make patients gain weight, and the doctors don't like that, they'll pressure you, because if you didn't get their initial weight they can't do their job properly, they can't just guess, but the patient is uncooperative, they don't like to stand on the weighing scale, so you endorse it to the next shift, but when you get back to work, they didn't weight the patient lol so you do it...

And then the supervisor supervises, because it's their necks on the line if something happens, the patient locks the door in the bathroom, or falls, escapes, or whatever, so they tell you, oh, watch them, I don't want any trouble...

And then the ward settles down ^_^

We watch TV, but no shows with animals talking, no fantasy shows, no horrific movies, or else it will just strengthen their hallucinations... that's according to the senior nurse... I don't know, I think they're right, it makes sense, but I haven't seen a patient watching talking animals on TV and then their hallucinations got strengthened... I think it's the medicine, it's taking effect ^_^

I did get an alcoholic patient, that was spooky, he was saying like, oh there's a dead body behind you... I did look at my back lol he was convincing

And the seizure precautions...hmm I got reprimanded for this... I didn't get oxygen in case of emergency... I was like, OK, seizure precaution, I'll just watch him... count the seconds, note tonic clonic... oh no, big mistake, you need to have the crash cart ready, you need to have oxygen, check if it's not empty, make a prescription for a nasal cannula or face mask... good thing he didn't have seizures whew

And then the patient gets another medical condition. This was fun, because you get to meet people from different departments. Patient has otitis media, you get to meet the doctors from EENT... or they have a broken bone, Ortho comes... so it's like, you learn, ah, they need a neck brace... it costs that much?! OK it's not expensive but that's the reaction of the family... even Derma... it was nice because it's like even for the simplest problem, the med students pounce on it and they write about it, they don't like it but they have to do it, or else if the consultant finds it out first before you do, you have some explaining to do...
I did observe some puzzles.. how was it... so she had vaginal bleeding, was she depressed because she lost the baby, or was it just bleeding, no baby... so who do you refer? Medical, but they will ask, why are you referring to us, it's OB, but then... anyway, I don't know the details

So what blunders did I do... um, IV route, I just prepared the meds, doctors arrive, I didn't assist... bad move...

So patient is robotic... to me, she just looks like walking slowly... blank stares... and then the alarming stuff, like tongues sticking out, tardive dyskinesia or extrapyramidal syptoms?? It's like, no time, refer this to the doctor, so they order Biperiden, and whew, tongue back in place... but meds still continued... so I don't know... I was afraid to contradict what the doctor ordered, and besides, the extrapyramidal symptom was gone...

And then you hear their problems, no money, or delaying tactics, we'll buy the medicine when my mother arrives, but still no money, so what do you do... just mark it not given...

And then, discharge... good if they finished their treatment in its entirety... some just want to go home...

And then, you're about to go home, but the next nurse didn't arrive lol so you work double shift ^_^ ....    -_-"

Doctor vs Nurses

Ha there's plenty of conflict... Doctor writes on the Order Sheet, but then, you're lazy, so something happens and you don't carry out the order... You go home, work still haunts you, next nurse calls you, just when you thought you've escaped, why you didn't carry out the order... turns out, it was only a one-liner that said...something...

But oh, if it was big, like start a new medication... omg it's like you committed all the fault in the world and every problem could be blamed on you. Like the proportion of the blame you get is not equal to the mistake you made...anyway, it's your job, so it's you

Ah I was supposed to compare before to now

So what did I get... I got a seizure precaution, I got hallucinations... laboratory results... it's like, OK, just make sure they eat... before, it was like, oh no, you have to wait for the results, check if the patient is hypokalemic, anemic or what, call the medicine students, if they're not there, call the doctor, and doctor is like, OK, I'll check... hmm I guess I'm exaggerating... but it's like, here, you see the lab results, low red blood cells, and you're like... um OK... maybe we can give them iron-rich food? Or make them rest? Or like, low white blood cells, or like you know their immune system is weak, so um, make sure there's no dust? Pollen? Is there pollen here? Or reduce number of visitors?

I mean they're anemic because their livers are kinda got messed up by hepatitis, so liver recycles the red blood cells, right? Oh wait, that's where the red blood cells die... so anyway, it takes the iron from the dead blood and recycles it but then if you've got hepatitis, patient is going to be weak, because the oxygen isn't effectively being distributed because they're anemic... but then, if you give iron supplements, it makes the constipation worse... so I guess, vitamin C so that they can absorb iron more?

It's like I can suggest precautions for HIV patients, Hepa patients, but they're like, these patients, they act and move like it's nothing

Or maybe that's just my assumption...

Ok I've written too much

Monday, May 7, 2012

Things to do:
1. House - 87 Aladin
2. Food
3. Sleep
4. Lotion
5. Gloves

So I'm canvassing for the best price

I've lived long enough to know I am oil

Instead of fixing this, I reinforce it...
so swirling thought is I will bring boys

It's so evil...

Other option:
Bedspace and be forced to behave

So Altazar popped up, I think I pushed the right button, maybe bedspacing holds dear to him, he understands

The problem with the Aladin room is the window. I can use a bucket to bathe but the window is a wall. Claustrophobic

I'm thinking of how to look more unassuming
no flashy phone, bald, with hair, simple with big appetite, did that all

I'll stick with big appetite

I wish my hair would grow thicker

So pinoys only, no local police, but I want to be obedient, so, lotion

Friday, May 4, 2012

OMG that's not what I meant! I wanted a conversation and I thought, this could be it, and to my mistake, it seemed like I was doubting him. I'm all in support for you!! I was just confused because who do I report to

So I don't know what to make of when super gwapo was reading. I remarked, that's how I practice. So when I'm reading, singing, I'm exercising my lungs and practicing at the same time (why I want to live alone, some think I'm showing off, but I'm practicing because I need it

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today was hot. I don't switch on the A/C that much but today, I did. And when I went upstairs to get my dry clothes, i can feel the heat radiate...

So I look up and saw the moon ^_^

Lately, stars have been hiding. I don't know why. The other night, the night sky was beautiful. I saw Saturn and Mars. Mars was easy to recognize. It was red ^_^

According to Stellarium, Venus is up there... so I have yet to identify it.

I need a compass so that I can orient the sky map

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coffee shops...when I first arrived here, I saw the coffee shops. I didn't know they were like restaurants. They have sandwiches there. I thought it's only coffee.

The sandwiches are delicious!

So I'm looking at the bare hands... I'm thinking, might be unsafe...

But I still bought.

So yeah, I like the coffee shops ^_^

Friday, April 27, 2012

So I bought a camera because my camera conked out... Surprise, this is what a multi-megapixel can do. I know it can take really big pics, that if I viewed them full size, both my arms need to spread out oppositely just to describe how big the pictures are if I pointed to where their edges would be inside my computer screen. So anyway, I see details that I didn't see when I saw this place in real life. It's fascinating to see and explore what the camera has caught. There's nothing really, the picture faithfully shows what is there, and what I could see potentially if that spot high up in the arch was on eye-level to the ground. Still, it's cool, like zooming in, letting me see what else is there in the picture.

So the Samsung PL20 has served it's purpose.