Sunday, September 2, 2012

Key Lime Pie

So maybe the next Android will be to not make it look like Apple. What an update. Instead of adding improvements, it's just to make it less likely that Apple will sue it.

Well, so I think Google saw that if they released the Droid RAZR HD EDGE or whatever the name of the full screen phone is, Apple is going to sue them, so Google went to Apple to talk and agree that they won't be sued...

I wonder what Key Lime Pie will look like. Google is probably scrambling to release it as soon as possible, because they want to not look like copying the iPhone as soon as possible. So when? 2013???

 Key Lime Pie... like Knot Like aPple Pie

Microsoft went with big squares. So... Key Lime pie... triangles or circles lol

Is that even the name? Key Lime Pie?

What other names are K




Well, Key Lime Pie was made before Apple won. So Google will release Key Lime Pie and they're actually scrambling to finish the one after that. So the next letter is J. Jamba Juice?

Oh wait it's L. lol




OMG!!!! It's lol! Android Lollipop

It's for kids! It's youthful! It's sexy! It's not like the other codenames like Eclair or Ice Cream Sandwich or the other classy names. This one is pure sex!

Licorice... ugh I don't like licorice

Android Licorice... let's not be like Apple...

Of course you don't want to call it a Lemon. Android Lemon lol

Can't wait for Android Lollipop

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