Friday, May 10, 2013

OFW Reintegration Program.

So, I want it!

But what will I do with the loan?

Copycat and start a piggery farm also, I guess.

But where?! I have no land.

Plus, I still want to keep working abroad. Can I take a loan while not reintegrating yet?

And who will I hire? Relatives maybe, so that they will have a livelihood.

Sitting on a pile of cash and I'm doing nothing with it.

So some people have the skill, they don't have the capital. Some people have the capital, they don't have the skill. How do I gain the skills?

I think I like the agribusiness!

Hmm it's not glamourous but it will be like farmville in real life.

So, plan is take the call center job as a USRN and then be a farmer too.

But I like the hospital work experience.

Ok, disclaimer, August 2 marks the three years anniversary of bonjing's nursing career, if opportuity opens, bonjing will grab it.

Why not grab it now? Because it's only three months left for the three years, so might as well get it.

Not so bad here anyways.

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