Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So I tasted fish

And instantly, a jolt of lemon!

I've forgotten the taste of lemon for a long time, that when I tasted it, it ignited my senses ^_^

But after a while, the taste was like, umm... too much

But I still ate the fish

So uh may I ask for the person who cooked it, Sister Basma, some help too.

I don't know what she needs.

So a car too to be consistent.

So uh previously, I wasn't eating and everyone left and I was kinda waiting, and I decided, oh, I'll take a break in the cafeteria, maybe because I said leftovers that's why...

So at the cafeteria, I ate two slices of bread. It made me feel full. Before fasting, two slices isn't enough, but now, if I eat a little, I can be ok and not feel hungry.

Like all the blood is rushing to the stomach to digest it and less blood stays in the brain.

So that's why I felt weak, because all of my blood is in the stomach.

So later on, I ate the food too. And watermelon!

It was a treat, I liked it.

When I went home, I brought dates and laban. So I look forward to eating it later ^_^

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