Friday, August 17, 2012

What flagship will I get? It's like I'm a Chansey and my attack is Bide, and I waited two turns and at the second turn, I pass out lol.

Better buy a phone while I still can.

I fear what if something happens and by the time I buy one, the point will be already lost.

I tend to do that sometimes. Amassed a huge fortune in Granado Espada, and then, poof.

Or I remembered my savings in elementary, one impulsive purchase, bought Mythos cards and then haha lols I bought another. That was insane.

So yeah I learned from mistakes.

Hmm let's look at the flagships. iPhone, don't wanna buy it as the new one's almost here. S3, I don't like it because it's the same price as the laptop I'm eyeing. That HP one with a phone, can I buy it without a phone? Well, I still won't be happy with it, a component I want, it doesn't have.

S3 has 4G? See, I don't even know. I think yeah...

Laptop takes precedence over phone.

But I mean, I have to set a budget. Budget for the camera was 35. So that was good.

So, budget is 50? 50 nets me a 3 inch screen. I mean, three years ago, that was good. OMG hmm maybe a tablet. Or a phablet. But it doesn't fit and it's heavy!

So picky.

So yeah, would you choose an S3 or a tablet that also has the phone capabilities? I don't use calling often. I only text. If someone calls, it would be amusing to see people smiling ^_^

S3 is more expensive but it's smaller. Questionable.

It's like I wanted to buy a pink bedsheet just to annoy.

It's like I want to buy a phone because I need it and not because it's a status symbol.

I've gotta think of the reason why I need a phone.

Would my life be enriched if I had a smartphone?


Like what?

Well, I could take pictures of the schedule like everyone does. But I already get the same effect by photocopying it.

I could watch stocks. But sometimes I need presence of mind while outside. I don't want to be disconnected from my surroundings.

So many excuses.

I could finally bring along my bluetooth stereo headset around. But it's so uncomfortable!

And I feel I want to buy a Moto one since it's from Moto. Sigh, why didn't Razr become such a huge hit.

Hmm yes I still like the Razr. Why do I love it? It's old, but if they had an android razr in a razr form factor, will I buy it? Yeah, for the retro look of 2007. I like the etched keypad. It was so inspired. I've never seen anything like it, when I saw the picture in the Moto website, and it's like a prop in a future setting movie except it was functional. I loved it.

So yeah, Maybe I will get a touchscreen phone and mod the keypad to have a razr keypad ^_^ That would be fun ^_^ It would whet my appetite for a razr ^_^ Yeah, they should make one, and it would shine and reflect as I moved it. There, I have another idea! So the screen shows the keypad, and the camera calculates the surroundings, so that the screen shows as if it's a reflection. Can they do that? Camera only faces forward. Moto, you have to read this!

Hmm, or it tracks your eyes, and makes it shine.

Like a digital version of the keypad.

They need to get a video game maker make the keypad. The current ones are a bore. I want one where when you touch it, it glows, or makes small, fading circles. Maybe they have that already, so that's why I need a touchscreen phone to keep up with the times.

I'm saying this because I just saw Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online, and I like it. I keep dying but the menu is on trend. It's like they got inspired by Windows 8's Metro UI, so I ended up experiencing it first in Ghost Recon instead of the progenitor, Windows lol.

Hmm I also want a background like the PSP's with the moving, flowing bubbles, it's like so relaxing.

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