Monday, August 27, 2012

So if overhauled wardrobe, want more jeans that's so wrinkled behind the knee. And want more cotton shirts that's so light, it would dry in an instant.

Clothes, they are aging nicely. Waiting for holes to appear.

Two already holed up so much I regretted them dying. Loved those shirts!

Hmm, Muscat Grand Mall, it doesn't have Max, no Splash, no RedTag, so what does it have? That store in the second floor, but saw the shirts, why are they small, so it's for kids hmm...

Or could just go to shops next to Al Fair. Is it the same? Would it have the same effect?

Equivalent to buying at the flea market.

But these products from India, they're good. You just need to find the good ones.

Not happy with white shoes... Cramped.

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