Friday, August 24, 2012

Wow, and I thought I had precognition.

Who is their Oracle?

I certainly didn't see this variable, Apple winning, blocking Samsung.

So maybe that's why I was being peer-pressured to buy a smartphone.

So now, prices will go up? Because Samsung will pass this on to consumers?

Or it will go down because they just want to get rid of their phones as quickly as possible?

If there is someone who I could learn from, it's this guy, or these guys, or this supercomputer or this artificial intelligence, whoever that is, it's like they can see the future!

I only saw, oh, iPhone 5 is coming, so Google will respond by unleashing Jelly Bean phones. Whew

And Samsung is the only one that looks like an iPhone?

Although I also see this as, so now Android really has to fight, in terms of price, in terms of Android being equal to iOS. So what do they do?

Gosh it sucks! Apple versus Android, Apple wins!

So all those early phones are copycats except S3. Well, I commend Samsung for being quick enough to design and sell in real life the S3.

Hmm, so iPhone 5 really is going to be a blockbuster phone. There's no one else to choose from?!

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